Mary Rose

Untertitel: Ein Spiel in drei Akten (5 Szenen)

Autor/Autorin: James Matthew Barrie
Bearbeitung: Arthur v. Schuschnigg

Regie: Arthur v. Schuschnigg

Darsteller: Boewer
Ausf├╝hrende (T├Ątigkeit):

Erstsendung: 1952-06-19
Sendezeit: 20:15-21
Wiederholung: 1952-10-31
Sendeanstalt: Radio-Wien (RAVAG II, nach 1945)
Abteilung: ORF-T

Mary Rose is the sweetly-natured daughter of Mr and Mrs Moreland. She's something of a Peter Pan herself, in that she retains a youthful innocence about the world which is both attractive and strangely disturbing. Simon, a man she has known since childhood, is devoted to her. But when he asks permission to marry her, Mary Rose's parents are strangely reluctant to give their approval. They refer, mysteriously, to an extraordinary incident in Mary's childhood where she disappeared for twenty days on a small Scottish island on the Outer Hebrides. When discovered, innocently painting, Mary Rose had no recollection of these missing twenty days. But the incident has changed her, scarred her - she will never be the same again. Meantime the island - cold, beautiful, haunting - awaits her return. (BBC-Programmheft)

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Bemerkungen: Papiercover
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